New Home Solar Kit 3,24kW with Lithium storage

Product no.: KitC324LiFePo4

PV panels 3,24kW, storage 3,6kWh LiFePo4, inverter 4kW charge controller MPPT 60A.

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Flexible PV panel 150W Monocrystalline

Product no.: EF150M

Monocrystalline Flexible PV panel 150W, suitable for boat and caravan - Size 1500 x 675 x 3 mm - Weight 5,3 Kg

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Camper Kit 110W CIGS + MPPT 10A

Product no.: Camper_110_CIGS[SPV]

Camper Kit 110W with CIGS panel (optimum for winter use), MPPT 10A solar battery charger and brackets. 


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Kit PV Weekend Off Grid Power

Product no.: KitBaitaWE-POWER

PV Kit capable of delivering 2,4 kWh over the weekend. Complete with 300W panel, 2x200Ah Batteries, 20A charger controller with 2 USB sockets.

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New Home grid Kit 3,24kW with Lithium storage

Product no.: KitCX324LG

3,24 kW PV panels, Solax 3,7 kW  inverter  IEC-021 compliant, storage with Lithium batteries.

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Solar table Illumina

Product no.: TAV

It's Spring! Create a romantic atmospere in your garden with these new solar glass table, which swithces on during the night: ideal for parties and outdoor dinner. 2 chairs are included, rattan covered.

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Flexible PV panel 50W monocristallyne

Product no.: EF50M

Monocristallyne Flexible PV panel 60W high efficency, suitable for boat or caravan - Size 670x520x3 - Weight 2 Kg

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100W Camper Kit Flexible

Product no.: Camper_100F

100W Camper Kit, with light and flexible 100W mono crystalline panel, dim 1220x500x3 mm - Peso 3,75 Kg, 10A MPPT charge controller, Multicontact connector

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Solar Energy Water Mill

Product no.: 1170000

Solar powered resin fountain, the water gently cascades over the rotating water wheel. Works in direct sunlight. 50 x 51 x 51 cm.

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New W.E.B. - Wood Electric Bike 250

Product no.: WEB-Bike-250

New Gioco Solutions electric byke - top quality and modern design. Electric engine 250W - lithium battery 15A/36V - weight 20 Kg

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Woodland Wishing Well with security light

Product no.: WellKit

Decorative Woodland Wishing Well with security light

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Solar lantern with candle

Product no.: 3901WDM1

Gorgeous lantern mood for inordinate emotions..!
With faux candle powered by solar energy, is less than 38 inches high, you can hang or lean.

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Led lamp 10W to replace halogen - light 360° DIMMABLE

Product no.: R7SR-10WDIM

Now you can replace old halogen lamps with led energy saver lamp - only 10W consumption - light at 360° - 1200 lumen. Dimmable version.

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can be shipped within 4/5 days

Filament flame led bulb 450 lumen - 4W/E14

Light is diffused at 360° with this new led filament bulb: 4W only, produces 450 lumen!

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