Hot Sanitary Water

Solar panels for Hot Water

Solar panels for Hot Water
Vacuum pipe solar panels to heat the domestic hot water with solar energy. The high efficiency of the vacuum pipes ensures even in winter an almost total self-sufficiency.
They are available both "non-pressurized", which require an installation at least 4-5 m above the hydraulic circuit, to recreate the hydraulic pressure in the fall, and "pressurized" copper tube "heat pipe", which may also be mounted on the ground, since they maintain the internal pressure of the hydraulic circuit.

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Solar Shower Sunny Premium Style

New colored version of the Sunny portable solar shower, shower head with adjustable height, tilt, and detachable for more practical washing of legs, feet and children.DiY installation

89.00 € *
List price 148.00 €
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Save el en - Save Energy Plus

Product no.: Save+

Saves up to 80% of electricity and up to 50% thanks to the placing of detergent in the washing machine water is already hot.

164.00 € *
List price 206.25 €
You save 20 %
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This product is subject to possible delivery delays.

Solar panel 250 litres vacuum tubes

Product no.: 250-58-30
Non-pressurized natural circulation solar panel with 30 vacuum tubes. Certified to EN 12976
895.00 € *
List price 1,118.18 €
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can be shipped within 7/10 days

150L solar panel vacuum tubes inertial

Product no.: IF150

Solar thermal panel, pressurized with 10 vacuum tubes and inertial heatingEN12976 Certified

1,150.00 € *
List price 1,443.75 €
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In stock
can be shipped within 4/5 days

Kit 200L hot water vacuum tube-forced circulation

Product no.: CFPHP20
Domestic hot water kit with forced circulation, with solar panel heating, 20 pipes vacuum tube, a separate 200 liter boiler, electronic control unit, hydraulic power unit, mounting brackets.
Certified to EN 12975-2
2,125.00 € *
List price 2,656.25 €
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Kit 300L hot water vacuum pipe - forced circolation

Product no.: CFPHP24
Hot water sed, forced circulation, powered with solar panels with 24 vacuum heat pipes, separate boiler 300 liter, electronic control unit, hydraulic power unit, mounting brackets. 
Deduct 65% chance - Certified to EN 12975-2
2,650.00 € *
List price 3,312.50 €
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