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New Portable Solar Oven

Product no.: SunTaste

New solar oven SunTaste with cork base. Including 1 cooking pot, 1 roasting pan and recipes.

289.00 € *
List price 361.25 €
You save 20 %
In stock

Solar powered Oxygenator

Product no.: Ox21820BB

Solar energy air pump which can oxygenate any pond or water reservoir up to 5000 liters providing the solar panel receives direct sunlight.

49.39 € *
List price 58.00 €
You save 15 %
In stock

Solar Bluebells

Product no.: 1012534

Beautiful solar powered glass-petalled bluebell flowers, will bring any flower bed, border or pot to life at night .

18.85 € *
List price 29.00 €
You save 35 %
In stock

Kit of 4 Angular brackets for panels

Product no.: SPV1

N. 4 white angle brackets to stare photovoltaic panels on the RV roof.

18.00 € *
List price 36.00 €
You save 50 %
In stock

Solar Helicopter

Product no.: Elicottero_021

Wood made Helicopter. It moves the blades thanks to solar energy. Nice gift idea for both adults and children. Made in Italy, eco-friendly material.

13.38 € *
List price 14.88 €
You save 10 %
In stock

Metal Star Light String x 10

Product no.: 1062001

Decorative Star Light String with 30 x white stars that are powered by solar energy and automaticallu illuminates during darkness. Each metal star is 8 cm wide!

16.00 € *
List price 20.00 €
You save 20 %
1 pieces still in stock


Hardwood helicopter equipped with a rotor powered by solar energy: when struck by the light, it begins to turn. Made of beech wood. An irresistible subject for children and adults.

9.15 € *
List price 18.30 €
You save 50 %
1 pieces still in stock
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