Sheep SunLight Dolly

Sheep SunLight Dolly

Product no.: Sheep

Elegant decoration during the day, solar light at night!

This funny and original sheep has a small panel solar positioned at the top, which loads the AAA battery (included) and allows you to turn on the LED superbright located within the body of each cow:
- a white LED as a marker
- A colored LED that changes color automatically fade from red, to green, to blue, to purple.

Choose one of the two LED functions, then the cow turns on automatically at night, or manually with the ON / OFF button, creating a romantic play of light and reflections on the surface around the sheep, due to the elaborate designs in the body .

Ideal to create light in the garden, balcony or terrace, without giving effect decorative.

No installation cost, nor wires to handle: simply place it in a sunny area and he will take care of everything. Equipped with picket to secure the sheep on the ground.

The small panel is removable so practical: this makes it suitable for areas where there is no sun, taking care to move the small panel in the sun during the day, and put it back in its place in the evening.

Made of weather-resistant metal.

Dimensions: H 23,5 cm - L 26 cm - W 14 cm
Model includes a battery 400 mAh AAA rechargeable 1.2V


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