Portable Solar Oven


Portable Solar Oven

Product no.: SunTaste

 Suntaste solar oven: the most natural, tasty and easy way of cooking. (Delivered door-to-door in mainland Portugal, including black colored pot and roasting pan)

These were the guidelines for designing the Suntaste, a practical, effective and versatile solar oven. When used outdoors, with a clear sky, it excels on the following:

- Cooking all sorts of dishes except frying while keeping the food tasty and moisty;

- Dehydrating food, by keeping the door slightly open and the lid focused on the Sun.

While indoors, it’s also very useful for:

- Working as a retained heat oven, completing the cooking process initiated in another oven or stove (like a hay box) and sparing energy;
- Making yogurts by using its excellent insulation and keeping both lid and door closed.

All this while benefiting from many additional advantages:

- Moderate cooking temperatures keep the food’s flavors and moist resulting in delicious dishes.
- No danger of burning food means no attention is needed and users have more free time.
- Easy to carry and to store while not in use. - No consumption of scarce resources or expensive energy. - No harmful emissions nor CO2.
- Very safe as the outside never gets hot enough to cause skin burns.




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Customer ratings for Portable Solar Oven

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from Anonymous on 29/09/2017
Il forno è bello e robusto. Avevo giá esperienza del forno solare pieghevole (acquistato sempre su questo sito) che portava la temperatura intorno ai 100 gradi, ma questo è un'altra cosa.
Il prezzo inoltre non è male: l'ho visto su altri siti internazionali intorno ai 400€.
from Anonymous on 01/10/2015
Con un recipiente in vetro questa estate l'acqua bolliva , ho cotto le patate
from Anonymous on 17/09/2013