Filament flame led bulb 450 lumen - 4W/E14

Filament flame led bulb 450 lumen - 4W/E14

Product no.: FIL40FW-NW (Luce: BIanco Naturale)

Aesthetically, it looks like a traditional bulb, but it is actually a last generation filament LED bulb.
With only 6W consumption, it generates 750 lumens, equivalent to a traditional incandescent bulb 75W. Moreover, thanks to the structure in the filament, the illumination spreads to 360 ° (ie even behind the lamp), such as traditional bulbs, while current LED bulbs illuminate only frontally and laterally, but not in the back.
In the pictures above you can see the difference in brightness between two bulbs led 600 lumens, one normal (with LED COB) and one filament LED.
It may be noted that in the image where the bulb is lit LED traditional light is directed only in the direction of the light beam, and also laterally, but with less intensity.
Where in the other image the bulb filament light spreads evenly in all directions, even behind the bulb itself.
Technical features:
- Working voltage: 230V a.c.
- Bulb: E14 (small bulb)
- Power consumption: only 3 W
- Brightness: 350 lumens (equivalent to traditional bulb 30W or 6W energy saving bulb)
- Color: natural white (4500 ° K)
- Duration: 25,000 h
- Certifications: CE, Rohs
- Dimensions: 60 x 105 mm

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Luce BIanco Naturale

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