Shelter Kit

Shelter Kit

Kit configured to power a shelter or a gazebo with LED bars, LED spotlights and LED bulbs, as needed.

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Product no.: kit_pens1

Solar Energy Kit, it illuminates a shelter/roof, a gazebo or a shed, supplied wit strip 60 LEDs bar, 50W panel, 18Ah battery, a battery charge regulator complete of Twilight Sensor.

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Product no.: kit_pens2

Solar Energy Kit, it illuminates a shelter 2-3 meters large, or a gazebo
Complete of 2 LED stripes (nr.30 ultrabright LEDs), 50W Photovoltaic panel, 40Ah battery, battery charge regulator with Twilight sensor.

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Product no.: kit_pens1bl
Solar Energy Kit, it illuminates a shelter, a gazebo or a shed, complete of 50W panel, 44Ah battery, regulator with Twilight. 
Optional Light, choose it in according to the needs.
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