To save energy

To save energy

Green and energy efficient  products, which allow those who receive the gift to save energy and money.

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Radflex - radiator reflector panel

Product no.: Radflek

It's cold? Do not raise up the temperature of the radiators, reduce heat loss! With Radflek, placed between the radiator and the wall, prevent that the energy radiated from the radiator toward the wall (45% of the total) is wasted for the purposes of the heating environment.

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Wireless meter electricity consumption

Product no.: MCE230V

The MCE230V is a control device of electrical consumption. It can monitor, in addition to the general consumption of the line to which it is connected.

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Wireless Thermostat Kit TTD2000 + thermostatic valve TTD150

Product no.: TTD2000-150
Thermostat Kit  wireless and digital thermostatic valve. Low-cost.
The display always shows the most important information and allows daily and hourly programming of the digital thermostatic valves.
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Save el en - Save Energy Plus

Product no.: Save+

Saves up to 80% of electricity and up to 50% thanks to the placing of detergent in the washing machine water is already hot.

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