Cabin Kit for every-day use

Cabin Kit for every-day use

Cabin Kit for every-day use
The kits featured in this category are designed considering the use of the lodge for more than 2 consecutive days. The solar panels are in fact calculated to produce every day the energy needed to power equipment (lights, TV, etc ..), and the batteries to give a range of 3-4 days in case of bad weather.
NB: It 's sufficient to use this kit for more than one weeken even only for one time a year (for example a summer stay of 1-2 weeks or more) for having to dimension the kit this way.

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PV Kit 20W - 2 LED lamps - 18Ah battery

Product no.: Minikit-20

Kit solare a isola per alimentare 1-2 luci in baita

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50W kit with 2 lights + Battery 38Ah

Product no.: Kit50W-38Ah

Off-grid kit to feed lamps and charge phone & tablet

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Kit PV 80W - 3 led lamps - 65Ah battery

Product no.: Kit80W-3

PV Kit for light, TV, notebook, cell & tablet

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List price 291.00 €
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Kit PV 100W - 3 led lamps - 100Ah battery

Product no.: Kit100W-100Ah

PV Kit off-grid for light, TV, charge Notebook, cell & tablet

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List price 353.00 €
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New 100W kit with router WiFi 4G internet

Product no.: Kit100W-internet

Solar PV Kit off-grid to switch an Internet 4G LTE Dual Band WiFi (included), 3 led lamps, charge cell, tablet & notebook

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List price 536.75 €
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Kit 150W - 3 LED lights - battery 150Ah

Product no.: Kit150WP

Mountain house PV Kit,  for lights, TV, fridge (Summer, daily consumption< 500Wh), charge Notebook, cell & tablet

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List price 499.25 €
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Kit 260W for TV, PC, fridge

Product no.: kit260W24V

Solar kit 260W for 3 lights, fridge (in winter too, provided that daily consumption is less then 0,4 kWh), TV, and charge notebook, smartphone & tablet

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List price 844.25 €
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Kit PV 270W with 24V refrigerator

Product no.: kit270WF24

Off-grid solar kit with 5 MCOB led lights, fridge 24V (included), charge Notebook, smartphone & tablet

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Kit PV 300W for mountain house - 6 LED bulbs - Batteries 2x100Ah

Product no.: Kit300W

Powerful 300W system with single panel. It produces up to 1.2 kWh per day in summer. It can easily power together lights, TV, computer, fridge

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List price 746.00 €
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Kit Power 540W per luci, TV, PC, Frigo

Product no.: Kit540P

Powerful 540W PV kit for lights, fridge, TV, notebook, smartphne & table or other appliances.

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List price 1,483.45 €
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New Kit 1080W - 6 lamps- battery 800Ah

Product no.: Kit1080W

Powerful off-grid kit for lights, TV, fridge, notebook, smartphone, tablet and other devices 24V.

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List price 3,011.00 €
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