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New 710421

Product no.: 710421
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Wireless meter + USB electricity consumption

Product no.: 01333-5800

The MCEE USB is a control device of electrical consumption. It can monitor, in addition to the general consumption of the line to which it is connected, also that of a single user connected via the Smart Socket (intelligent socket, optional)

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Solar Strings 10 Multi-Glow Gems

Product no.: 1062100

Decorative Solar Strings 10 Multi-Glow Gems that are powered by solar energy and automatically illuminates during darkness. Solar panel included. Great for adding a twinkle to outdoor gazebos or arbour at night. 

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UMTS video/audio telecontroller

Product no.: ST-UMTS
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Kit 4 led lamps 4W 220V

Great saving! 5 led lamps 4W/230V E14  warm white light, suggested to replace 25-30W tradizional bulbs

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Kit 4x5W Led Lamps Old Halogen Compatible Dimmerable (ColoreLuce: Bianco Freddo (più luminoso) )

With this Dimmerable lamp you can replace old 78 mm lenght torpedo halogen bulbs with 100W consuption. The new power consumption is only 5W!

39.00 *
List price 78.00 €
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Led Spotlight 50W Power

Power LED Spotlight 50W 12V DC or 220V AC - 5000 Lumens - it can replace a 500W halogen bulb, saving 90% electricity - available in Cold or Warm White - life> 30,000 hrs

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List price 89.80 €
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Solar powered Oxygenator

Product no.: Ox21820BB

Solar energy air pump which can oxygenate any pond or water reservoir up to 5000 liters providing the solar panel receives direct sunlight.

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