Terms and Conditions


· These terms and conditions are valid from 1/1/2012, and may be updated or changed by  "Il Portale del Sole" without forewarn.  "Il Portale del Sole" will communicate to You all the news through the pages of Its website.

. The Customer agrees and undertakes that, whenever a change in terms and conditions will occurs, the Consumer himself will provide for the printing and the storage of the new conditions.

·These general terms and conditions are concerning the remote purchase of products, obtained via computer network, throught the website www.ilportaledelsole.it and / or www.shop.ilportaledelsole.com"Il portale del sole" legally reprents the e-commerce activity in all its rights and duties.
The websites listed above are in property of 
“Il Portale del Sole” and the operative address of the activity is based in Monza, Corso Milano 26.

· The contract named "on line sale" is a distance contract concerning goods and / or mobile services. The contract is concluded between a supplier, "Il Portale del Sole", with activities based in Monza, Corso Milano 26, and the Customer. The contract regulates a system of distance selling, organized and offered  by the supplier, which uses, to execute Its business activity, only the technology of communication called "The Internet".

· The Consumer is the buyer of purposed goods and services.

. All the purchase transactions will be governed by the provisions of the italian Law, and in particular to the Decree n. 185 of 22.5.1999. The protection of confidentiality will be subject to the discipline of Law 31.12.1996, n. 675 and its subsequent amendments. 


1.1 The conditions in the introduction are integral and essential part of this contract.

1.2 All the contracts will be concluded through the direct access of the consumer to the corresponding website at www.ilportaledelsole.it and / or www.shop.ilportaledelsole.com. By accessing the listed sites, the Consumer may subscribe the contract for the purchase of desired goods and / or services following carefully the instructions and the procedures on site.

1.3 These general conditions of sale must be examined "on line" by the Consumer, before to the completion of the purchase process. The submission of the oreder confirmation implies full knowledge of the "Terms and conditions" rules and their full acceptance.

1.4 The Consumer, by sending electronic confirmation of purchase order, unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply, in dealing with "Il Portale del Sole", the general conditions and the payment terms exposed in "Terms and consitions". Subscribing the order, the Consumer declare the full reading and accepance of all the indications provided and related to the provision.  "Il Portale del Sole" does not consider itself bounded in different conditions unless previous written agreement.


2.1 All the products shown on the websitea www.ilportaledelsole.it and www.shop.ilportaledelsole.com, constitute an offer to the public pursuant to the art. 1336 of the italian Civil Code 

All prices listed on our web portals are tax included.
VAT is 10% on products that can not be used for any purpose different than Photovoltaic plants (photovoltaic panels, for example, or voltage regulators) included solar kits. 
The tax is equal to 22% in case of components purchased separately, because they could be used in different applications than photovoltaic plants (eg, a battery can be mounted in a boat for the onboard services).
It follows that:
- If the purchase is made by a private, what has been said is still valid;
- If the purchase is made by an installation company or a reseller, or for the direct use of a company, what has been said it is always valid. In this case, the Company must give to "Il Portale del Sole" an autocertification statement to conclude the favoured purchase as requested by the Fiscal Law.

We therefore recommend You to consult your accountant if you are a Company to avoid fiscal problems.

2.2 The total cost of the shipment until the domicile of the Consumer is paid by the Consumer himself. The shipment cost are exposed to the Consumer in a dedicated part of  the ordering procedure and anyway before the end of the purchase confirmation.

2.3 The purchase contract is concluded through the compilation of the order and after the subscription of the consensus for the Privacy Policy expressed in the last section of the "on line" purchase.

2.4 The Consumer can pay His order "on line" choosing one of the payment method indicated contextually into the purchasing procedure.

2.5 The prices of different types of transport are related ONLY for shipments within the Italian territory. 
If the Consumer is buying from abroad, or the expeditions have to reach taxes free zones, the orders will be considered valid only if made with payment by bank transfer or credit card.
In the case of purchase from abroad, the amount of the transport will be recalculated and consequently will also be recalculated the total amount to be paid for the purchase.

The expenses related to the bank transfer shall be deemed to be paid by the Consumer. 
In the case of purchases from abroad, the amounts will be recalculated considering the specific provisions of VAT, influential on the amounts of the purchase, including any other costs and taxes on the production of any fiscal documents and / or customs documents.


3.1 “Il Portale del Sole” will deliver to Customers, at the address indicated by the Consumer, the selected and ordered products, following the rules exposed in the preceding article, by courier and / or forwarding agents.

3.2 The goods purchased will be delivered within the time allowed by art. 6 D.Lgs 185/1999. No responsibility can be attributed to "Il Portale del Sole" for late or omissed delivery due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.

3.3 The Consumer is required to verify, upon receipt, the correspondence of the product received with the order made; only after verification of compliance, and in accordion to the right of withdrawal (provided for in point no. 8), the Consumer must sign the delivery documents.

3.4 The goods are transported in the plain responsability of the Consumer. “Il Portale del Sole” is not liable for damages caused to the products purchased by the carrier. On each expedition, the Consumer may require insurance on transportation.

3.5 Please note: in case of particular products may exist special conditions of carriage. These conditions are stated on the product page.


4.1 The Consumer can buy the products listed in the electronic catalog from “Il Portale del Sole”, limited to the quantity in stock.

4.2 If an order exceeds the amount present in the warehouse, the system will notify it immediately to the staff o“Il Portale del Sole”. The staff will promptly inform the Consumer.


5.1 “Il Portale del Sole” does not assume any responsibility for problems caused due to force majeure such as accidents, explosions, fires, strikes and / or lockouts, earthquakes, floods and other events that could thwart, in a whole or in a part, to observe the delivery of the order in the time agreed in the contract.

5.2 “Il Portale del Sole” will not be liable to any party including third parties for damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of failure to execute the contract for the reasons mentioned above, since the Consumer shall only be entitled to a refund of the price paid.

5.3 “Il Portale del Sole” is not responsible for any fraudulent or illegal use that may be made ​​by third parties, concerning credit cards, checks and other means of payment, acts of payment for goods purchased. “Il Portale del Sole”, during the purchase procedure is not able, in any time, to know the number of buyer's credit card. Opening a secure connection directly by the buyer, the codes are transmitted directly to the manager of banking service.



6.1 “Il Portale del Sole” sells products of high quality. Product warranty terms are depending on the type of product purchased. The warranty begins in the day of purchase of the asset (emission date of invoice). This service is provided directly by manufacturers of the goods.


7.1 Once concluded the purchase through the specific "on line" procedure, the Consumer agrees and undertakes to press Terms and Conditions and provides to conserve them. Terms and Conditions will already be viewed directly inside the Data Sheet of the selected product. The same Terms and Conditions shall also be inspected and accepted, as a necessary step, in the ordering procedure to fully satisfy the conditions laid down in Articles. 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree n. 185/1999.

7.2 These general "Terms and conditions", valid from 1/1/2012, may be updated or changed by  "Il Portale del Sole" without forewarn.  "Il Portale del Sole" will communicate to You all the news through the pages of Its website. The Customer agrees and undertakes that, whenever a change in terms and conditions will occurs, the Consumer himself will provide for the printing and the storage of the new conditions.

7.3 It is strictly prohibited to insert, in the registration panel, false and / or invented personal data and / or fantasy persanal data. The registration procedure is required to activate the execution of the contract of sale. The data and the e-mail address declarated will be used to send all the necessary communications, they must be the real personal data of the contract subscriber. It is strictly forbidden to use data of third parties, or fantasy datas.

7.4 It is expressly forbidden to make double entries for a single person or enter data of third parties. “Il Portale del Sole” reserves the right to legally prosecute any violation or abuse, preserving the interests and the protection of all consumers.

7.5 The Consumer will free “Il Portale del Sole” from any liability arising from erros due to incorrect the data supplied by the Consumer. The Consumer is solely responsible for the correct and truthful insertion of the data.


8.1 Under Article 5 of D.lgs 22 May 1999, n. 185, the subsequent Directive 83/2011 on the protection of consumers and the D.lgs n. 21/2014, the Consumer may exercise the right of withdrawal. The Consumer has to return the goods as received and can request a refund for the price paid.

8.2 The consumer is not satisfied with your purchase, you are entitled to withdraw from the agreement without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within 14 working days. After this period, the consumer or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by you acquires, physical possession of the goods.

8.3 We withdraw the goods at our expenses. The consumer is only responsible for the diminished value of the goods resulting from other handling different than the necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.

8.4 The consumer may not exercise this right of withdrawal 
- Contracts for the purchase of audio or sealed computer software which have been opened by the same; 
- On products made ​​to specifications or clearly personalized 
- On products which, by their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.
8.5 To exercise your right of withdrawal, the consumer must necessarily convey its decision to withdraw from the contract, through an explicit statement sent by mail, fax or e-mail to the following address: “Il Portale del Sole”, Corso Milano 26, 20900 Monza - tel 0399712258 - fax 02,700,554,744 - email: shopping@ilportaledelsole.it
To exercise the right of withdrawal, the consumer may use, at its option, even our form of withdrawal. If he chose the latter option, "Il Portale del Sole" will send a confirmation of receipt of the withdrawal on a durable medium (eg e-mail).

8.6 “Il Portale del Sole” will accept the withdrawal reserving Itself to verify that the products have been returned in the original condition and with the original packaging; only if conditions and packaging are matching the rules, the amount will be paid back to the Consumer.

8.7 The redemption may be suspended until the receipt of the goods or until the Consumer will demontrate to have sent back to the sellers all the goods.


9.1 If the consumer exercises the right of withdrawal, according to the rules expressed in paragraph 8 of these Terms and Conditions, the refunds will be made using the same method of payment selected by the Consumer for the initial transaction. The consumer may agree, directly with "Il Portale del Sole", upon other modality of payment of the reimbursement ; In any case, the Consumer will not incur any fees as a result of such redemption.


10.1 "Il Portale del Sole" has the right to terminate the contract by giving, to the consumer, a communication stating the reasons; In this case, the Consumer shall only be entitled to a refund of the amount already paid.

10.2 The obligations assumed by the Consumer in art. 7 (Obligations of the purchaser), as well as the warranty on the occurred payment (executed following the rules exposed in art 2), are essential for the contract validity. The failure of the Consumer in only one of these obligations, will cause immediately the termination of the contract (pursuant to article 1456 of the Civil Code) without the need of judicial decision. "Il Portale del Sole" could decide to prosecute against the Consumer in case other damages are identified

Art. 11: PRIVACY

11.1 The personal information are collected in the purpose of registering the Consumer to the webside, necessary condition for the execution of the contract in all its part, including connected communications; these data are electronically processed in compliance with laws and will be exposed only at the request of the judicial authority or other authority authorized by law.
11.2 The personal information could be disclosed only to third parties carrying necessary activities for the execution of the contract and used exclusively for that purpose.
11.3 The Consumer rights are regulated by the Article 13, L.675/1996 providing the rules al follows. The consumer can: 
- seek confirmation about the registered information to "Il Portale del Sole" of their personal data; 
- know their origin, the logic and purpose of their treatment; 
- obtain the updating, rectification and integration; 
- request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or block in the event of unlawful processing;
- oppose to their processing for legitimate reasons or in case of use of the data for sending advertising material, commercial information, market research, direct marketing and interactive marketing communications.
11.4 The cancellation of your personal data is subject to the submission of a written communication sent by fax or mail to the company headquarters.
11.5 Owner and responsible for the collection and processing of personal data is “Il Portale del Sole” - Corso Milano 26 - Monza.