Wireless meter + USB electricity consumption

Wireless meter + USB electricity consumption

Product no.: 01333-5800

MCEE USB Monitor Counts Energy EcoDHOME provides a comprehensive and instantaneous awareness of the total consumption of our electrical system.

Easy and immediate to use and install. It has an attractive design.

The monitor shows collected data on a large LCD display.Compact insize, can be placed anywhere in the house or in office, to have italways close to You.

The display shows:

  • instantaneous costs

  • the information relating to the consumption in kW

  • the costs saved from the past clearly comparable with the current

Even simple awareness of costs and consumption contributes to energy saving and to a decreasing of costs estimated in average of 15%

How to use it

Connect the transmitter , through the induction clamp , to the phase conductor of the cable coming from the energy meter that powersthe general panel, or where you want to display a line in your electrical system.

The transmitter can be wall mounted, placed on a shelf or hidden in the cavity behind the electrical panel.Data are continuously sent from the terminal sensor to the monitor via wireless in the range of 20-30 m.

MCEE USB can monitor, in addition to the general consumption of the line to which it is connected, even the consumption of another single users via Smart Socket (smart socket), supplied on request clickinghere.

The "intelligent" socket measures the consumption of the user connected and sends data collected to the monitor. In the event of excessive consumption, with MCEE USB you can identify which user has the greater absorption of energy.

In the case of coexistence of electrical machinery specialized in performing particular processing, it is possible to calculate a breakdown of costs for each work center. For each monitor MCEE USB, you can connect up to 14 Smart Socket. 

Simple to install and easy use, it doesn't require modification to the existing system.

EcoDHOME MCEE USB is equipped with:

  • A special cable (3 meters) that allows connection to a personal computer

  • The SEMS software gives You a graphical representation of all the received data stored by the device.


  • Measurement: single-phase or three-phase (three-phase requires the purchase of the kit consists of 2 additional clip sensors to the terminal).

  • Alternately visualization the values of instantaneous energy consumed and the value of CO2 emissions.

  • Displaying cost per hour and cost estimate per day and per month. 

  • Displays the time and temperature. 

  • Viewing the instant change of energy value as a result of starting or stopping a user. 

  • Data storage for up to 24 months. 

  • Viewing currencies: €, $, £.

  • Selection of two different time slots for power consumption, (day and night). 

  • Monitor power supply via external power supply.

  • Sensor supply: 2 x C, IEC LR14, 1.5V (for each device, sensor lifetime estimated over 2 years).

  • Maximum error of less than 5% for the sensor to the terminal. 

  • Maximum error of less than 2% for the intelligent Smart Socket outlet (available separately). 

  • 14 connectable smart sockets

  • Current measurement sensor with 10mm diameter: from 0.1 A to 50 A per phase (maximum measurable absorption: about 11.5 kW per phase @ 230V AC). 

  • Current measurement sensor with 25mm diameter: from 0.1 A up to 100 A per phase (maximum measurable absorption: about 23kW per phase @ 230V AC). 

  • Transmission time: 6s or 120s. 

  • Maximum transmission up to 30 meters. 

  • Transmission frequency: 433.92 Mhz. 

  • Supplied software and USB cable length of 3 meters

Package Content: 

  • USB monitor 
  • 1 transmitter with clmap 10mm 
  • 1 USB cable 
  • power pack
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Supplementary terminal 10 mm Supplementary terminal 10 mm
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Inductive Transmitter Meter Inductive Transmitter Meter
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buon prodotto
from on 10/02/2014
ottimo per tenere sotto controllo i consumi, sarebbe da implementare con un allarme a soglia regolabile.
ottimo prodotto
from on 03/07/2013
consiglio se si vuole utilizzare su un impianto isolato di prendere un altro sensore in modo da verificare quanta corrente si utilizza da pannello e quanta da ente pubblico
from on 21/04/2013
Positivo per chi vuole tenere sotto controllo i consumi dell'energia elettrica.
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