Southwest Air30

Product no.: AIR30L

Wind turbine, efficient, robust, the world's best selling in its class,.
Blades made ​​of carbon fiber, aluminum alloy die-cast case, ideal for cabins, and generally in areas not served by the mains. 
Charge controller included for connection to 12V battery 
N.B. Available in 12,24,48V - specify when ordering
Voltage 12 V (24V)
Energy production 30 kWh/month
with wind 5,8 m/sec (20 Km/h)
Maximum tolerated wind speed: 177 Km/h
Start-up Wind Speed​​: 3,58 m/sec (13 Km/h)
Rotor diameter: 1,17 m
Blades: 3
Weight: 5,9 Kg
Package size 686 x 318 x 229 mm
Overspeed protection
Battery Protection
Alternator Brushless high efficiency
Warranty 5 anni


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