Antea Sensor Garden Lamp

Antea Sensor Garden Lamp

Product no.: ANTEA_S

New Antea garden lamp, solar powered, PVC case, in the basement, contains the control unit and the battery.
This version has a movement sensor, so the lamps switches on only when a person passes, and switches off after a short time (user settable)
The light is produced by 18 high brightness LED, with illuminating power equivalent to a traditional bulb from ca 50W.
Auto power on and off at dusk till dawn (in the summer, in conditions of optimal insolation)
The peculiarity of this lamp consists in the summer/winter function, which allows, during the winter months (when the insolation is poor) to reduce the light intensity and therefore the energy necessary to the lamp.
- Dimensions (including panel ) : H 1450 x W 280 x D 200
- Weight: 15 kg
- Light intensity : 450 lumens - (can reduce to 225 lumens in the winter to increase the autonomy)
- Panel : 10W monocrystalline
- Battery: 9Ah
- Autonomy in case of bad weather : up to 10 days depening on qty of on/off cycles
- Charge controller with automatic switch on at sunset

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