Iride Power Garden Lamp


Iride Power Garden Lamp

Product no.: IRIDE

IRIDE is an innovative garden solar lamp, with a powerful led light equivalent to approx 30W tradizional lamp.
It is also equipped with powerful 18Ah battery, which ensures autonomy in winter (except long periods of bad weather).
Equipped with reinforced cockpit, which ensures maximum strength.

The interesting feature of this lamp is the full programmability of the control unit, which allows the light to stay on all night long, or only for a few hours (programmable from 1 to 12).

The light is produced by nine high-brightness LEDs, with lighting power equivalent to a traditional bulb from about 30W.
Auto power on at sunset and off automatically at sunrise or after the set number of hours

Technical features:
- Dimensions: height 1630mm (including cockpit), pole diam. 60mm, panel size 340x200mm
- Weight: 10 kg
- Light output: 225 lumens about
- Panel: 10W polycrystalline
- Battery: 18Ah
- Autonomy in bad weather: 4-5 days
- Control unit with automatic on/off switching
- Turning on a daily basis in the programming set on the control unit

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