Votive Light Kit (E14 - 0,3W LED Lamp)

Product no.: KV5W-P

Votive professional Kit long operating time, easy to assemble.
Ideal for:
- Replicas of caves or crypts of Lourdes Garden, votive pillars, houses with holy pictures, religious statues, family chapels, crosses, etc. . not connected to the mains.
- Provides light  wherever you need a small perpetual light, always powered on (or to be turned automatically on in the evening / night ) and it is difficult or uneconomic to carry the 220V electricity.
It has over 4 days of autonomy in case of bad weather with perpetual light ( always on) .
The kit consists of:
- No. 1 LED lamp E14 - 0.3W color light White operating at 12V dc .
- No. 1 Power 5W Polycrystalline photovoltaic panel ( panel size : 25.5 x 19,5 cm)
- No. 1 Charge Controller with battery protection is that the download from over charge with dusk sensor and programmable timer in case you want to turn on the lamp night only autiomaticamente
- No. 1 Battery 12V sealed (maintenance free) , capacity 9Ah
- No. 1 Plastic housing for housing the charge controller and battery ( box dimensions : 240 x 190 x 90 mm).
- Instructions for use and connection.
Possibility to connect to the other LED lamp ( optional ) .

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Connection Box
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Charge controller 5A with night function
Product no.: PRLS-R
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