Court kit with 20W led floodlight and motion sensor

Product no.: KitCor20WSensor

Do you have a yard, an open space, a corner of the garden, an entrance not enought lighted at night and you want to illuminate it with a powerful floodlight, for reasons of practicality or safety?
With this kit you will have free day light generated from solar energy stored in a battery, so available at night.
A powerful LED floodlight consuming 20W produces over 2000 lumen with an opening of 120 °.
The light will automatically turn to the passage of a person, staying lightad-up for an adjustable time from a few seconds to 8 minutes. This function, if the steps are not too numerous, can be carried out throughout the night, for a total of 4 hours/night in winter and 8 hours/night in summer. 
The programming of the number of hours of power is very simple and is done with a button on the charge controller. 
Composition of the kit: 
Floodlight LED 20W/12V - cold light 6000 ° K - 2000 Lumens brightness 
- Presence sensor with adjustable distance up to 8m and start-up time from 5 sec to 8 min 
- Panel 50W polycrystalline silicon - measures 595 x 510 x 35 mm
- Charger Controller 5A twilight function with programmable 
- Maintenance-free sealed AGM battery 24Ah/12V - deep discharge - life expectancy 5-9 years 
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Charge controller 5A with night function
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