75W garden led

Product no.: MFLED

Garden lamp with LED lamp 7W-12V - new 2015 version
Thanks to the adoption of a modern light bulb that consumes only 6W LED, the brightness is equivalent to a traditional 60W light bulb in a very large cone of light  (160°)
The equipment includes:
  • 1-12V 7W LED Bulb
  • 1 Polycrystalline Solar Panel 50W
  • Cylindrical light pole Ø 63 to 2.5 m galvanized iron
  • Black painted arm with built-in-lamp
  • Support for post-top panel
  • PVC case basement to store and protect the battery
  • Sealed battery-12V 18Ah Pb-Ca
  • Charge controller with microprocessor controlled variable
  • Twilight Activation
  • Fuses
  • Cables
  • Hardware
  • The lamp is supplied pre-wired
Autonomy Power: Winter - up to 8h/notte (to allow the panel to keep the battery charged, even during bad weather is often recommended to use x 6h/notte, adjustable with the charge controller included)
Spring / Summer/Autumn: all night
Autonomy in case of prolonged bad weather: up to 24 hours with fully charged battery, which correspond to 4 days of operating time (6h/notte) in winter, and 2 days of operating time in the other seasons (12h/notte).
NB: If you want more autonomy, you can find customizations presenting added power in panels and in and battery

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