P300 Optimizer


P300 Optimizer

Product no.: P300-5R

Photovoltaic power optimization at single module level

  •      Specifically designed to work with SolarEdge inverters
  •      Up to 25% higher power Efficiency Superior (99.5%)
  •      Reduces all types of losses due to decoupling between modules
  •      Flexible system design for maximum space usage
  •      Fast installation thanks to the single fixing point
  •      Advanced maintenance thanks to module-level monitoring for installers and firefighters safety
Nominal input power 300 W
Maximum voltage input data 48 V
MPPT range (V) 8-48 V
Input max dc current (A) 10
Output max current (A) 15
Max V out 60
Size (width x depth x height) 128 x 152 x 27,5
Weight 0,63 kg
Ambient temperature range -40..+85 °C

Warranty: 12 Years


SolarEdge optimizers comply with standards set for grid-tied operation, safety and electromagnetic compatibility including: CEI 11-20, DK5940, IEC61683, IEC61727, EN50081, EN50082, EN61000, CE

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