Charge controller 5A with night function

Charge controller 5A with night function

Product no.: PRLS-R

Charge Controller 5A , ideal for charging AGM or gel batteries, it's also equipped with programmable night function  from 1 hour to 13 hours (overnight ) at the touch of a button.

Charging voltage amplified
Charging the battery with the PWM method shunt
Twilight function and adjustable timer
Protection of overloaded ( both incoming and outgoing)
Protection from overheating
Reverse polarity protection ( for both modules for batteries)
Protection from transient overvoltage
Temperature Compensation
Suitable for AGM or Gel or Acid)
Pre- battery alarm via LED
Blocking diode is installed inside the controller
Protection from excessive charging of the battery (to prevent overcharging of the battery that would ruin )
Protection from excessive discharge of the battery (to prevent deep discharge of the battery will decrease the life )
Automatic reconnection of the load to the batteries ( the battery is disconnected to avoid complete discharge )
Indication of state of charge and malfunctions of the system with LED
Protection for the reverse current at night ( due to batteries )

Maximum Current In / Out 5 A
protection IP30
Dimensions 97 x 66 x 25 mm
Weight 50 g
Ambient temperature -25 to +50 ° C
Self- consumption 6 mA

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Molto semplice
from on 12/05/2016
Ottimo per piccoli impianti
from on 18/11/2015
Semplice l'utilizzo, facile l'istallazione, economico.
Ottimo Prodotto
from on 26/08/2015
Ho acquistato questo Regolatore di carica 5A con crepuscolare per sostituire il precedente che si è rovinato a causa di una infiltrazione di acqua piovana nel tombino che lo conteneva. Sapevo di andare sul sicuro perchè è un ottimo prodotto.
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