4000W Inverter sine wave Advance 48V type T

Product no.: PWT4000-48

This new series of pure sine wave inverter Advance has toroidal transformer, and the consequent advantage to have very low consumption compared to classic models with laminated transformer (ca 60-70% less, depending on model).
By using this type of inverter will then have greater autonomy of the batteries, at the same power, and longer life of the batteries themselves

These inverters can be combined either with photovoltaic systems that wind or hydroelectric turbines. They are also used as an AC adapter and / or UPS in case of power failure.

In more detail:

> Use as Inverter Off-Grid

If there is no presence of the network, the drive performs its basic function, which converts the direct current from the battery into 230V AC necessary to the equipment to be powered. The inverter, with a simple switch, can be set up to give priority to the batteries and switch in case of low battery on an external source (public grid or generator) and then switch back on once the batteries recharged.

> Use as battery charger

Fueling the drive with a 220V line, you can recharge 12V, 24V, 48V (depending on model of inverter)

> Use as UPS

Use as UPS is ideal in areas with a high percentage of poor national network.
In this mode, the inverter performs the function of keeping the battery charge, and in case of power failure (ie power outages) automatically switches the power on the battery, thus ensuring the continuity of electricity until the battery discharge same.
As soon as the power is restored electricity, the inverter assigns priorities, and automatically returns to the function of the charger, then recharging the batteries to support a future blackouts.
technical features

     Maximum continuous power: 4000W
     Instantaneous peak: 12000W
     Consumption: 40W (instead of 120 W model with classical transformers)
     Voltage AC Input: 194-243V
     Input frequency: 50Hz
     AC output voltage: 230V
     Output frequency: 50Hz
     Efficiency: 88-95%
     Waveform: Pure Sine
     Trip time from network to battery: <10ms (including detection time)
     Charging current: 40 A max
     Charging time depends on the power and type of batteries
     Temperature range: 0ºC ÷ 35ºC (ideal 15ºC ÷ 25ºC)
     Humidity range: 0-95%, non-condensing
     Dimensions in mm: 598 x 218 x 179
     Weight kg: 40
     Indications of inverter operation is displayed via LED backlit multi-function display.

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