Power PV case 200W

Product no.: Power200

Take with you the Power of the Sun! 

With this handy case you will have have wherever You are, 200Watt power at your disposal: so much free energy can be used immediately!
You could power a PC in the desert, a Notebook or TV in the middle of the sea or in a lawn, light up lamps in the evening and, of course, recharge the batteries of Your cell phones, GPS, satellite and more. Easy to transport, it is suitable in cabin or camper applications, in situations where it is not appropriate a fixed mounting of the panels, and panels should be led away after use.



The structure is composed by: 
- 2 polycrystalline silicon panels 100W each. Hinged to each other and pre-wired. Opening them, they become as a single 200W panel; once opened you can rest panels on the ground or up to any flat surface. 
- 1 charge controller 20A, whit 2xUSB OUT, wired and fixed to one of the two panels
- Carrying handle
- With cable clamping to connect to battery
- 12V dc output to connect a cigarette lighter socket (optional to charge mobile phones) or a 12Vdc  device
- Dimensions: closed 120 x 55 x 7 cm - open 120 x 110 x 3,5 cm
- Weight: approx. 18 Kg


Note: battery needed, not included in the kit. You can found it"> Hermetic Batteries<" or in the options below. The choice will be made ​​in depending of devices fed, and for how many hours/day.

If the equipment have to operate in a 220V feeded plant, you need an inverter.

Inverters must be selected from the options below, or in the "Inverters" section, according to the power consumed by the equipment itself.
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Battery 24Ah 12V Deep Cycle Prime Battery 24Ah 12V Deep Cycle Prime
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38Ah 12V Deep Cycle Prime Battery 38Ah 12V Deep Cycle Prime Battery
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Battery 100Ah 12V Deep Cycle Prime Battery 100Ah 12V Deep Cycle Prime
160.00 € *
12V socket with 180cm cable 12V socket with 180cm cable
9.90 € *
Double USB cigarette adapter Double USB cigarette adapter
5.00 € *
300W Soft Start Inverter 300W Soft Start Inverter
38.00 € *
600W Soft Start Inverter 600W Soft Start Inverter
69.59 € *
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