Solar Shower Sunny Premium Style

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SUNNY LINE solar showers produce free hot water using a natural energy of the sun's rays: just as a solar panel, the base tank connected to the water supply and exposed to the sun for about 2 hours heats up to over 60 ° water contained in it. This, suitably mixed with cold water in the middle of the mixer, allows to supply about 60 liters of water at 30 °

You can therefore get many showers to a pleasant temperature: leaving some minutes interval between one spray and another showers throughout the day are endless.

The easy portability, the extreme lightness and maneuverability make SUNNY remarkably versatile: suitable for any outdoor environment, from the garden to the pool terrace, SUNNY is also ideal for lovers of motor homes and campers.

Only 3 components to ensure easy assembly and disassembly, and a minimal aesthetic impact, not intrusive, adaptable to any outdoor setting.

The horizontal development of the base ensures better exposure to sunlight than the models with vertical development: this translates into a greater thermal efficiency in addition to greater speed in the phases of heating during the day.

The base tank, constantly filled by connection to the water supply ensures stability and robustness. The pressure regulator also guarantees the use in total safety. Not using electricity or fuel, water heating is done without burdening the environment minimally and without producing any form of pollution

Accompanied by practical removable and adjustable shower head, for maximum comfort.

The new colored covers make the shower "Sunny Premium Style" more attractive and cheerful!

• Mixing of hot and cold water, to adjust the desired temperature
• Base / reservoir stable and secure
• Height adjustable from 1.40 to 2.10 m
• Doccino detachable and adjustable
• Pressure regulator inlet safety valve
• Plug & Play Kit complete with tap connector ¾ ", 2 open connections

SOFT TOUCH and 10 m Phthalates free tube, for connection to the tap

Warranty: 2 years

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