Tigo TS4-R-O optimizer


Tigo TS4-R-O optimizer

Product no.: TS4-R-O

The TS4-R module technology ensures maximum energy yields despite the partial shading or the different orientation of the modules. For the first time, thanks to the TS4-R platform, each individual photovoltaic module can be equipped with additional features with maximum flexibility. In this way it is sufficient to equip the TS4-R with only the modules affected by power losses. It thus becomes possible to implement a targeted increase in energy yields and a reduction in system costs. TS4-R is the definitive solution to manage shading, shutdown, different module orientation and other challenges.

The TS4-R platform offers integrated power electronics with various features. With each additional unit the features increase. The Monitoring function allows you to control the entire photovoltaic system at module level. The anomalies of the individual modules, caused for example by dirt, are displayed and can be resolved quickly. The Shutdown function allows the deactivation of the photovoltaic system at module level. Through the Optimization function it is possible to increase the power generated by the system even in the case of partial shading or different orientation of the modules.

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