Western Charge regulator 10-20-30A with night and day function

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WR10/20/30 is a family of charge controllers with the latest generation LCD display and day and night function included.
Available in 10A, 20A or 30A (selectable with the drop down menu below), can be used in small or large systems for domestic, industrial or telecommunications equipment.
Each regulator controls the current of the photovoltaic panel with the technique called PWM and the discharge of the battery disconnecting the load in case of deep discharge of the battery.
The load can be activated according to different user-selectable programs: load always on, load on only during the day, only at night on load, load switched on only at night for a configurable number of hours from 1 to 16.
The various load management programs make WR10/20/30 the complete solution in many photovoltaic applications; For example, to power cameras that have to work only during the day , or to power road signs that have flashing lights or operate only at night to feed or lighting systems that have to work for a certain number of hours per night.
The controller detects the day / night status depending on the voltage of the panel, so it is not necessary to connect additional sensors to the controller.
Technical Data:
Battery voltage 10 -35V
Voltage 55V Maximum panel
Current panel WR10 WR20 -10A -20A -30A WR30
Current load WR10 WR20 -10A -20A -30A WR30
Consumption 8 mA
Temperature -10 to +60 ° C
Charging voltage 12V - 14.4/14.8 - 24V 28.8-29.6
Made in Italy

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