Charge controller 20A-12/24V Western MPPT

Product no.: WRM20

The WRM-20 is a MPPT charge controller (*) Made in Italy suitable for cabins, RVs, boats, lighting, video surveillance, traffic signs, and in general for every isolated  PV system.
WRM20 is a complete solution for off-grid PV systems to supply power to road signs systems, lighting systems, small low voltage systems and batteries inside caravans. This model of charge regulator has a circuit for the research of the maximum PV module power (MPPT): regardless of the battery voltage and its charge status, WRM20 works with the PV module in its maximum power point, maximizing the energy that comes from the module and then is loaded into the battery.
Thanks to the WRM20 controller you can install the cheapest PV modules used in grid connected systems, with a number of cells different from 36 or 72. WRM20 detects the day/night status according to the PV module voltage; therefore it’s not necessary to connect further sensors to the regulator. A wide display shows the working status of the regulator not only through simple and intuitive icons but also displaying the values of recharge current, battery voltage, energy production by the PV module, load current and energy consumption by the load. 
The charge controller has a built in search of the maximum power panel (MPPT) (*)
The controller makes the PV module work at its point of maximum power.
It extracts from the panel the maximum possible power and charge the battery with an improvement of 30% on PWM controllers.
With a MPPT circuit, you can also use 24V photovoltaic modules to charge 12V batteries.
You can also use the amorphous silicon modules normally not suited for traditional controllers.
WRM-15 has a payload program management in various applications; 
- Cameras that have to work only during the day, 
- Flashing lights or road signs that have run only at night 
- Lighting systems that must operate for a certain number of hours per night.
The WRM-15 detects the day / night depending on the voltage of the panel, it is not necessary to connect additional sensors to the controller. 
A large screen displays the operating status of the controller, through simple and intuitive icons and viewing 
  • the value of the charging current, 
  • the battery voltage, 
  • the energy produced by the PV module, 
  • the load current 
  • the energy consumed by the load.

Technical data:

• Charge MPPT algorithm (*) 
• Display symbols 48 
• Automatic detection of battery voltage 12V / 24V 
• Wide range of input voltage panel: 0-100V 
• Maximum power panel for 12V battery 250W and 500W for 24V battery 
• Suitable for sealed batteries, GEL , acid free and Lithium
• Charge voltage temperature compensated 
• Integrated blocking diode 
• 18 programs for load management 
• Low Battery Protection 
• Protection against over-temperature 
• Reverse polarity protection Battery 
• Overload protection on output 
• Metal IP20 
• Dimensions 160 x 134 x 49 mm 
• Metal IP20 
• Weight 515 g

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