Original Christmas presents

Original Christmas presents

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Product no.: Sunprint
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Faux Rattan Lantern

Product no.: 1080010

Decorative lantern with rattan design, perfect for table tops or feature points within gardens. 1 amber LED, automatically turns on at night.

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Solar powered Canadair

Product no.: CNDAIR
Wooden Canadair airplane, propeller moves thanks to solar energy... only for real fans! 
Made in Italy, eco-friendly material. 
It does not require batteries.
17.10 *
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Radflex - radiator reflector panel

Product no.: Radflek

It's cold? Do not raise up the temperature of the radiators, reduce heat loss! With Radflek, placed between the radiator and the wall, prevent that the energy radiated from the radiator toward the wall (45% of the total) is wasted for the purposes of the heating environment.

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List price 43.17 €
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Peacock SunLight

Product no.: Peacock
Elegant solar energy Peacock, metal, fixed white LED light , and LED color changing, creates romantic reflections.


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List price 37.19 €
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Swan SunLight

Product no.: Swan

Elegant swan powered by solar energy, with a dual option: one fixed white LED light, and a color changing LED. It generates a romantic play of light and reflections on the surface around, thanks to the inlaid designs in the body. Metal, weather resistant.

39.00 *
List price 46.67 €
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50W Camper Kit Semi-Flexible Panel

Product no.: Camper_50F

50W Camper Kit, with light and flexible panel, dim 67x52x0,3 cm - weight 2 Kg, 5A charge controller, Multicontact connector

105.40 *
List price 140.53 €
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Product no.: SunLab
34.90 *
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