Flurescent LED tube T8 120 cm

Product no.: APT8

Save 50% of energy on lighting neon thanks to this Led Tube with only 18W consumption. It replaces the traditional T8 120cm from 36W up.
The savings resulting from the use of a fluorescent tube LED is twofold:
1) Transparent Energy saving on energy bills
If  the neon is lit all day long, lower consumption of 18W compared to a traditional neon 36W equivalent more or less to €29 saved in a year
2) savings on replacement of the old fluorescent tube
The Led tube duration is more long than a neon tube (5 times!)
Moreover, the LED light is not using the reactor as a traditional neon, in case of replacement of existing neon has to be disactivated the reactor.
- Power 18W
- Power supply: 220V - (live, there is no reactor needed)
- Lumen: 1800
- Number of LEDs: 120
- Lifetime: 40,000 hours
- Length: 120 cm
- Diameter: 26 cm
- Attack: T8
- Light color: cool white 6000-6500 K
- Cover with a choice of milk white or transparent (to be selected in the drop down menu before the cart)
Warranty: 2 years
Certificates CE & RoHS

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