Charge controller 10A with remote display

Charge controller 10A with remote display

Product no.: LS1024B-MT50

EP Solar charge controllers are perfect for small and medium structures, and for the controlled battery charge (electrolyte liquid or gel made). EP Solar charge controllers have a 12/24V voltage. They automatically detect and select the voltage.

EP Solar charge controllers have small LED lights that show the status of the controller and even that of the connected to it (like panels and accumulators). It also monitors the battery avoiding both overload and underload.
The controller automatically carries out these functions depending on threshold voltage: respectively HVD (High Voltage Differential) e LVD (Low Voltage Differential). 
Thanks to these functions, accumulators will be more efficient and long-lasting.

These disconnection processes, automatically carried out by the controller, are based on a parameter, the SOC (Status of Charge), which is also automatically calculated by the device.
The SOC is a very important parameter which the protections for overload and underload depend on.

Another parameter based on the SOC is the LVR (Load Voltage Regulation). Thanks to this parameter, the device knows when accumulators are loaded enough for a connection (since with the LVD protection they could be disconnected).

This model has a twilight regulator function. By simply using a switch, you can decide how long the lamps will be on for after the sunset.

The electronic system is protected with a dust proof cover.


-  Automatic selection of the voltage (12 or 24 V)
-  Amplified Charge Voltage
-  PWM shunt battery charging

-  Overload protection (both input and output)
-  Over temperature protection
-  Reverse polarity protection (both for modules and batteries)
-  Temperature compensation
-  Possibility of selecting the battery type (electrolyte liquid or gel)
-  Low battery LED indicator
-  Blocking diode within the controller
-  Monthly equalization charge through electrolyte re-mixing to avoid sulfation of the battery elements
-  Protection of the battery from overload (which would spoil it)
-  Protection of the battery from a full discharge (which would shorten its life)
-  Automatic charge reconnection to the accumulators (battery gets disconnected to prevent a full discharge)
-  State of charge and system malfunctions LED indicator
-  Reverse current protections at night (due to the accumulators)
Model Ep10 LS
System Voltage 12/24 V
Maximum input current 10A
Maximum output current 10A
Maximum self-consumption max. 8,4 mA
Load reconnect programmable with display
Load disconnect  programmable with display
Output Voltage   12/24 V
Working temperature da -35° a + 50°
Type of charge PWM
Type of protection IP 30
Dimensions (mm)  138,6 x 69,3 x 37 mm
Weight (g) 130g


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ottima qualità e funzionalità
from on 10/05/2019
Prodotto utilizzato su di un camper, ottima gestione delle funzionalità tramite la facile lettura e gestione dei parametri di funzionamento, tramite il display altamente leggibile e con retroilluminazione.
ottima anche la possibilità di programmazione dell'uscita diretta sul regolatore.