Motion sensor

Motion sensor

Product no.: RPC7A[10]

PIR motion sensor operating at 12V dc. This model is nowhere to be found on the Italian market.
Useful for saving energy when it is combined with a photovoltaic system.
The sensor incorporates a light sensor to turn on the lights when it is dark.
After sunset, it will be sufficient to be in the field of view of the sensor to activate the output, which could be, for example, a lamp.
Useful combined with a photovoltaic system, to turn on a lamp or a LED light in front of a box, a tools cabin or as a simple alarm for isolated houses or countryside huts.
This sensor is equipped with a programmable timer, allowing fine controls on consumption.
Outdoor and indoor use.
  • Rated voltage: 12V dc
  • Load current: 8.5 A Max
  • Detection distance: 8m (@ 22 ~ 24 ° C) Programmable
  • Detection angle: 140 °
  • Timer: 5s @ 8 min Programmable
  • Speed ​​Detection: 0.6 ~ 1.5 m / s
  • Working temperature: -10 ~ +40 ° C
  • Working humidity: ≤ 93% RH
  • Consumption: 0.45 Watts ( 0.1 Watts at idle)
  • Ambient light: <10 Lux
  • Degree of protection: IP44
  • Class: | | |
  • Certificates: CE, RoHS

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