Battery charge regulator TRISTAR MPPT 12/24/36/48V

Battery charge regulator TRISTAR MPPT 12/24/36/48V

Product no.: TS-MPPT-60L

The Morningstar TriStar MPPT MPPT charge controller is a UL certified solar systems designed for both residential and for professional applications. 
  • Ul Listed (UL 1741) and cUL Listed (CSA-C22.2 No. 107.1).
  • It complies with the U.S. National Electric Code.
  • Complies with EMC and LVD standards for CE marking. 
  • Systems sized for 12, 24,36 and 48 V and 45 or 60 A. 
  • Total protection with automatic reset and manual. 
  • Seven programs loading or load selectable via DIP switches. 
  • Adjustments possible via RS-232 connection to PC software. 
  • Self-testing with continuous reporting of incidents. 
  • LED Indicators and function buttons. 
  • Terminals designed for conductors to 35 mm ² (2 AWG). 
  • It includes a sensing terminal voltage of the battery
  • MODEL: TS-60 
  • Load current max. 60 A 
  • Load current max. 60 A 
  • System voltage V 
  • Digital display: yes 
  • Remote Display: yes 
  • Remote Temperature Sensor: yes 
  • Minimum operating voltage: 9V 
  • Maximum Voc of the solar panel: 150 V 
  • Maximum operating voltage: 90 V 
  • Auto consumption: Less than 20 mA
  • Performance up to 50 ° C and meets UL standards;
  • Ability to 7 different settings or placements LVD selectable with DIP buttons;
  • RS -232 standard position enables a wide possibility of ad hoc picks
  • DB-9 connector, 9600
  • Designed for PCs and PDAs
  • Can be used on:
  • positions of the control and of the parameters to adjust
  • memory with 30 days (feature to implement)
  • monitoring and remote control (feature to implement)
  • Self-diagnostics continuously. If a fault is identified, the fault is indicated on the digital display and indicated by LEDs
  • A button resets errors or failures, start or stop the equalization of the batteries (charge control function) or ignore (LVD control function of the level of charge)
  • Solid state at 100% for total reliability in extreme environments
  • Microprocessor control for broader functionality
  • Casing adapted to electric wires of greater diameter
  • Very low drop voltage
  • Estimated lifetime of 15 years
  • Electronic protection against short circuits and overloads with automatic reconnection
  • Starts all loads including inductive (displays, pumps) without damage to the regulator
  • Allows input current up to 300A
  • The LVD has a 4-minute delay to prevent disconnections wrong
  • LED display and indicate the warnings and LVD disconnects
  • The LVD is normally compensated for screw-on errors disconnection
  • Load protected by automatic disconnection at high voltages
  • Load protected by peak photovoltaic current when the battery is removed
  • Dimensions: 25.7 x 12.4 x 5.8 (inches)
  • Weight 1.8 kg
  • Terminal cables: sized up to 2 AWG (35mmq)
  • Torque to 50 inch-pounds
  • Separate positive and negative terminals
  • Conduit knockouts: 2.5/3.2 cm eccentric. Placed under the side and behind
  • Casing: steel powder coated white
  • Heat resistance: black anodized aluminum electrolytic


  • It can be used for solar, wind or hydroelectric 
  • To protect against overload, excess current is diverted from the primary battery, a secondary battery or otherwise to a resistive load in alternating current


  • Operating ambient temperature: -40 ° C - +50 ° C (60 ° C 20% tolerance) 
  • Storage Temperature: -55 ° C - +85 ° C 
  • Operating Temperature Digital Display: -30 ° C - +85 ° C 
  • Humidity: 100% (without condensation) 
  • Tropicalization: Paint conforms to both parts of the electrical circuit, electrolytically anodized aluminum, powder-coated steel casing, stainless steel connectors
With a serial cable "pin-to-pin" (not "null-modem"), male and female DB9 connectors, you can connect the controller to the PC Tristar and monitor in real time all the parameters, such as the battery voltage and the charge current, the ampere-hour.
This is possible thanks to the program MSView, a free download from MorningStar.


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