Charge controller MPPT 12/24V - 40A

Charge controller MPPT 12/24V - 40A

Product no.: Wiser3-40A

TRACER 4210A is a charge controller with MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point Tracking), for use in photovoltaic systems. Through the use of MPPT technology, Tracer can increase charge current up to 30% or more compared to conventional controllers. The sophisticated charging three-phase system can be configured to optimize the charging parameters in accordance with the technical specifications of the battery. The controller is protected against voltage spikes, over temperature, over current, reverse polarity.

The charging voltage control takes place in MPPT, combined with a multi-phase control system. This ensures greater efficiency and battery life. The MPPT control is implemented thanks to the MOSFET power transistors, which are turned on and off in high frequency PWM to control the charging voltage in a precise manner.

This type of charge controller is equipped with display which has the purpose to show the status of the controller work and of the accessories connected to it (panels and accumulators). In addition to this function also it carries out maintenance of the battery is avoiding the overhead that underdischarging. These functions are automatically performed by the charge controller on the basis of the threshold voltages which are respectively HVD (maximum disconnect voltage) and LVD (minimum voltage of disconnection). In this way it gives the opportunity to accumulators to remain more efficient and longer in time.

These disconnection processes, automatically performed by the charge controller, are based on an automatically calculated parameter and maintained by the same regulator, ie the SOC, ie the state of battery charge.

This charge controller, for the calculation of the SOC, uses an integrated circuit capable of cutting edge calculate with great precision. The SOC is a very important parameter on which they are based protections for overload and undershooting. An additional parameter based on the SOC is the LVR (reconnection of load voltage). Leveraging this parameter, the controller can understand when accumulators are quite loads can be reconnected to the load (as with LVD protection accumulators may be disconnected from the load).

Automatic voltage selection (12 or 24V)
MPPT technology
High tracking efficiency not lower than 99%
conversion peak of 98%
tracking speed ultra-fast
Recognition and precise MPP tracking
Multifunction LCD display for system information
Battery type and the user-programmable load control
Three charging mode with PWM output
RS485 port with MODBUS standard
Fully programmable from PC with dedicated software or MT-50 Remote Display (Optional)
electrical protection: overload, short circuit, overload the battery, reverse polarity, overheating




I-P-Wiser 1-12V/24V-Series

Charge mode

MPPT(maximum power point tracking)

MPPT efficiency


System type

DC12V/24V system

Automatic Recognition


PV Max PV input voltageVOC

12V/24V system


Start the charging voltage point

12V system


24V system


High input voltage protection point

12V/24V system


High input voltage recovery point

12V/24V system


Rated PV power

12V system


24V system



Selectable Battery  Types

12V/24V system

Sealed lead-acid batteries, Vented batteries Gel, NiCd battery
(Other types of the batteries also can be defined)

Charge method

12V/24V system

Three stages charge: constant current(MPPT),
constant voltage, floating charge

Charge rated current

12V/24V system



USB (Total for 2 USB output)


LOAD output voltage

Based on battery voltage

Max. DC Load current


Output control mode

ON/OFF mode, PV voltage control mode

Output control set way

Controller button or PC software


LCD Display

System type, PV voltage,charge voltage, charging current,           charging power, temperature etc.

PC software



Protection function

Yes (Over voltage, low voltage, over temperature,                     over load, Short circuit protection etc.)

Cooling mode

Auto cool

Type of Mechanical Protection

IP 30

Measurement DxWxH (mm)


Packing DxWxH (mm)


N.W. (KG)


G.W. (KG)



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